Barron’s Weekend Stock Picks: SoFi, General Dynamics and Why…

Barron’s Weekend Stock Picks: SoFi, General Dynamics and Why…


Benzinga reviews this weekend’s top stories covered by Barron’s. Here are the articles investors need to read.
In “First solar stocks to rise on a deal for a European solar tech company‘ writes Emily Dattilo of the rise of Arizona-based solar panel maker First Solar Inc FSLRwhich is set to benefit from tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act and the acquisition of European thin-film company Evolar.
Elon Musk steps down as CEO of Twitter. Tesla stock fell anyway“by Al Root explains why Tesla Inc TSLA The stock fell even as Elon Musk heeded calls from the electric vehicle maker’s investors to scale back his role in his other ventures, most notably Twitter.

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In “SoFi wins a bull. Analyst calls it “the future of US banking”.Dattilo explains why an analyst gave online personal finance company and bank SoFi Technologies Inc SOFI a “buy” rating and a price target of $8 given “significant volatility” in the banking sector.
General Dynamics stock tumbles. A director bought shares“” by Ed Lin addresses the $1 million purchase of General Dynamics Corp. by a director DG Stocks after the aerospace and defense company reported solid first-quarter sales and free cash flow.
In “Buy Smartsheet, Says One Analyst. It is the best stock pick for cloud software“Tae Kim writes that an analyst believes that Smartsheet Inc SMAR is “the best value company” due to its “dominance” of companies, its “strong cross-selling movement”, its “significant operating leverage” and its enticing valuation.

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