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#BEAUTYHOP in Thessaloniki with KIEHL’S | Beauty

With KIEHL’S in the beauty salon of Thessaloniki

In my beloved hometown, the charming city of Thessaloniki, this is another exciting #Beautyhop, it has it all; a fantastic “City Around the City” beauty tour organized by Kiehl’s amazing News tour.

I shared my exciting #beautyhop adventure with some of my favorite bloggers and video bloggers Instagram with FacebookThe main content of the news tour is to explore the Kiehl’s corner of Attica on Tsimiski Street, while celebrating the second anniversary of the “Kiehls of Thessaloniki” at Hondos Center/Apollonia Politeia.

A few words about KIEHL’S since 1851

Our first #timehop​​ takes us back to 1851, when a small family business, a pharmacist in the East Village of New York, opened its doors for the first time, offering everything from homeopathic medicines to essential oils and herbs.​​​

In 1910, Irving Morse Started working in a pharmacy as John Gere’s apprentice and took over the pharmacy until 1921 when his son Aaron Morse took over the family business. He is a restless personality, bicycle lover and adventurer. He has established the iconic image of the company today: pop-up store, shop-in-shop, Harley-Davidson motorcycle and motorcycle series and Lamborghini have created a unique atmosphere It is loved by Kiehl’s customers all over the world.

In addition to bicycles, another iconic character in the company’s store is Mr Bones-the original character is still on display in the first Kiehl’s store ever in New York. Under this avant-garde and modern image, Kiehl’s identity is always the same: all-natural, high-quality beauty solutions and products are based on the unparalleled combination of cosmetics, pharmacy, botany and medical knowledge and experience, and continue to develop and improve And passed on from generation to generation. generation.

That’s Kiehl’s story. This upcoming one is our #beautyhop in Thessaloniki. Of course it must include a #FOODHOP Complete-because we are talking about Thessaloniki.

Mary Hope-Kiel-Thessaloniki

Let’s walk around (with breakfast)

We started our day with breakfast at Excelsior, my favorite hotel in Thessaloniki, where we experienced the day we spent there for the first time. After that, we visited the Kiehl’s shop-in-shop in Attica on Tsimiski Street. With the help of the company’s beautician, we introduced to us the entire bety product line of Kiehl’s, and they taught us skincare knowledge.

Beautiful cyclist

Our next scheduled event of the day was definitely a surprise, because we were cycling along the beach, which was a symbolic move to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Morse, who once loved motorcycles and speed.I was born and raised Thessaloniki, I will fall in love with this city immediately-after this ride, I did.

We walked along the beach very well, with the famous White Tower in the background, I had the opportunity to show the girls. Next is a visit to Rotonda, a historical site that has recently reopened to the public and reminds me of the historical part of the city.

With Susanna & Chrysianna

With Chrisanna, Maria, Creo and Susanna



At about noon, we had a fairly long lunch at ERGON, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Thessaloniki, accompanied by the most delicious desserts star My beloved chef Dimitris Koparanis has worked his magic and prepared the most delicious dishes for us: bugassan, beautiful puffs, puffs and gluten-free cakes are just some of the delicious dishes we enjoy!

Happy 2nd birthday KIEHL’S!

Our trip ended in the best possible way, because we visited the amazing Kiehl’s beauty corner in Hondus Center/Apollonia Politeia and had a great time. There, we celebrated Kiehl’s 2nd birthday in Thessaloniki, and I performed a skin diagnostic test to help me choose Kiehl’s products that best suit my skin type.

Each skin type is unique-just like Kiehl’s unique store. I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn more about the brand, because its long pharmaceutical tradition and excellent customer service are definitely worth learning about.

And to quote Aaron Morse: “Love what you do. Put your heart and soul into it, and you will be rewarded”!

Thank you Kiehl’s!

Maria Kalinu

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