Because some things are worth fighting for.

Because some things are worth fighting for.


Because some things are worth fighting for.

The Man from Tuskegee: A Bob Dale Thriller by William Deiz

A new exciting story by William Deiz follows a man fighting racism at home and Nazis abroad, now live on Kindle.

Follow the inspirational story of a man of color who, in the midst of World War II, fights for the good of his country while finding more to love and protect. His name is Bob Dale and it is him


Originally from Jamaica, Bob Dale Jr., the son of an enterprising migrant worker, is a child of the American dream – the son of a proud African American who has managed to find a place in the country despite policies of segregation and rampant racism.

As America is drawn into World War II, Bob, like many of his countrymen, feels an honor to answer the call of his homeland. However, after Bob Dale earns the hard-fought right to fly for his country as a Tuskegee aviator, he is shot down behind enemy lines somewhere in Italy after several clashes with the Luftwaffe.

Aviator Bob Dale is aided by his injuries and dragged into the conflict on the ground by a French nun named Sister Michelle and the serious Pauli. Bob protects the Jewish orphans in the care of Sister Michelle and transforms into more than just a soldier – he becomes a figure of hope for the children, a prayer manifested. The Tuskegee man teams up with a variety of interesting characters, including a particularly seductive and impressive resistance fighter named Giselle, and braves the trials of his time.

In his exciting page turner Wilhelm Deiz develops a masterful and hard-hitting plot about a man who fights first for his country and then for all that is good and worth protecting. Surrounded on all sides by animosity and adversity, Bob Dale is a character reminiscent of all the people of color who fought valiantly for the country when it needed them most, opposing each other both at home and on foreign soil the adversities have posed.

In such uncertain times there is only one certainty for the aviator…


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