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Before meeting with Trump, Texas Governor Abbott criticized Biden’s immigration policy after Vice President Harris announced his first border visit — RT USA News

Just days before Vice President Kamala Harris is about to visit the border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott condemned President Joe Biden’s immigration policy as “reckless” and accused the government of a surge in illegal immigration.

With Harris’s schedule scheduled for later this week, Abbott released a statement First visit on Wednesday, called the White House’s “Open Border Policy” Allow Texas “Overspend” after “Gangs and smugglers.”

“The vice president was appointed as the border czar more than 90 days ago. During that time, Texans’ houses were broken into and their property was damaged. Guns were pointed to their heads because cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers came from Biden. Profit from the government’s reckless disclosure-border policy,” Republican governor said, accusing Harris “Ignore the real problem area on our southern border.”

If she refuses to talk to the residents of Del Rio, whose homes and pastures are occupied by gangs and smugglers, she will not be able to complete the mission.

A spokesperson for the vice president said she will travel to El Paso, Texas on Friday. Although that will be her first visit to the border, Harris staff pointed out that she visited Guatemala and Mexico earlier this month. “Solving the root cause of immigration” Entering the United States, the head of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security said that the number of immigrants at the southern border hit a 20-year high.

The governor’s comments were also made a few days before the planned border visit with former President Donald Trump on June 30. accept At Abbot’s invitation last week, the former U.S. President said that Biden had turned the border into “Invulnerable disaster zone” And created “The worst border crisis in U.S. history.”

Abbott also repeatedly criticized Biden’s immigration policy, which aims to reverse a series of restrictions imposed by the Trump administration. In March, the governor roll out “Operation Lone Star”, together with the Texas Department of Public Security (DPS), stated that it would combat the surge in human and drug trafficking to the state, while at the same time blaming the border on the president “crisis.”

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Abbott stated that as of Wednesday, the operation had arrested 1,700 illegal immigrants, and more than 41,000 illegal immigrants and “The seized fentanyl is enough to kill more than 21 million people,” Refers to a powerful synthetic opioid drug, often associated with overdose.

In addition to Operation Lone Star, Abbott also Announce Texas will build its own border wall in an attempt to fulfill the key campaign promises of former President Donald Trump.Although the previous government could only complete about 450 miles of the wall, most of it Replace existing barriers Along the 2,000-mile border, Abbott vowed to complete the project, investing $250 million in state funds as a “down payment.” At the same time, private fundraising has brought Over 450,000 USD.

Abbott laid the foundation for the Texas Wall on May 31 Disaster statement, Which cited emergency situations in dozens of counties along the border, and pointed out “The number of people crossing the Texas-Mexico border illegally is increasing” Constitute a “The imminent threat” To the country. Although normally reserved for natural disasters, the statement allowed Abbott to apply for state funding for the new border wall, ultimately receiving $250 million for this purpose.

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