Benecaid and Green Shield Canada launch Honeybee Select, an innovative…

Benecaid and Green Shield Canada launch Honeybee Select, an innovative…


TORONTO, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Benecaid and Green Shield Canada (GSC), both part of the GSC family of companies, today announced the launch of Honeybee Select, a simple and innovative healthcare delivery solution for small businesses (25 employees) . and below) new to workplace benefits.

Honeybee Select, part of Benecaid’s broader product portfolio and now powered by GSC, offers digital, easy-to-use benefits that enable employers to select the standardized plan that best suits their needs. All core benefits are provided by GSC, including health, dental and travel benefits (while optional bundled benefits are provided by leading insurers). In addition, all plans include mental health coverage provided by Inkblot Therapy, a leading provider of mental health solutions and also part of the GSC group of companies.

Backed by unlimited access to Honeybee’s innovative digital benefits platform, Honeybee Select features a streamlined user experience, add-on credit accounts for additional coverage, and access to exclusive partners. The product is available in English and French (but not yet offered in Quebec) and consists of set plan designs, including three no-underwriting options. Employers will receive a guaranteed quote within 24 hours.

“We’re excited about the impact Honeybee Select can have as a modern, innovative alternative in this market,” said Darren Sacks, President of Benecaid. “We’ve seen firsthand how too many choices and complexities in health insurance can overwhelm small businesses. Honeybee Select is an easy way for employers to start their benefits journey and provide their employees with the benefits they need, at a budget the company can afford.”

The combined strength of Benecaid and GSC ensures Honeybee Select is based on deep expertise and best-in-class technology. To expand synergies, starting August 1, 2022, electronically submitted health and dental claims for Honeybee…


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