Benzinga Buzz: Max messes up, so does DeSantis. Plus: Hollywood Boss…

Benzinga Buzz: Max messes up, so does DeSantis. Plus: Hollywood Boss…


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  • Small glitches. Elon Musk is an explosive guy. Be SpaceX rockets explode. Be Tesla TSLA cars ignite spontaneously. So, of course, was his Twitter Spaces event, which the governor of Florida attended. Ron DeSantis confirmed his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election, was a complete failure.
  • Error starting. The long-awaited official announcement from GOP darling DeSantis looked like an “amateur lesson.” technical difficulties, Fox News called. DeSantis’ fellow fascistformer president donald trumpbizarrely capitalized:

  • president Joe Biden also offered his condolences over the Musk/DeSantis fiasco:

  • Anyone there? “Vanderpump Rules” drew 4.1 million viewers for the Season 10 finale last week. Fox News attracts an average of 3.2 million viewers each night. DeSantis on Twitter? 500,000 people. You mean people weren’t excited to see if Musk, the so-called “Free speech absolutist,” DeSantis would tease Book ban in Florida or be expand the “Don’t Say Gay” law for high schools?
  • Max is going insane. Like DeSantis, Warner Bros. Discovery WBD also made a big debut. The streaming platform Max, rebranded from HBO Max, has removed all directors and writers from its film catalog and grouped them all under the Creator category. Because classic films are really fair Tick ​​tock Videos for people with attention spans. The walked over Really So.

  • Not so welcome. Boston University students booed CEO of Warner Bros David Zaslav during the university’s 150th inaugural address. Several students turned around and shouted, “Pay your authors.” There was even a plane flying overhead with a banner that read “David Zaslav – Pay your writers.” It wasn’t awkward at all.

  • Queen Ami Dollar. Natalie Portman recently said she would be open to playing…

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