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Berryessa flea market vendors go on hunger strike before the San Jose City Council rezoning plan vote

San Jose (KGO)-As the final sign of the protest, a group of three vendors at the Berryessa flea market staged an indefinite hunger strike to save the area.

They set up a tent outside San Jose City Hall, where other vendors are gathering to support their mission.

This was done before the city council voted on Tuesday, which is expected to vote on the rezoning plan, which will eliminate most of the market and make way for new developments. Suppliers on strike have called for a postponement of the vote to allow more time to negotiate the future of the market.

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“Every board member knows the people who work, live, and make a living there,” said Roberto Gonzalez, chairman of the Berryessa Flea Market Suppliers Association and a native of East San Jose. “They have a responsibility to pay attention to their voters, and we very much hope that they will take this into consideration when voting.”

The owner promised to notify the supplier one year in advance before leaving, and promised to pay 2.5 million US dollars in relocation costs.

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