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Best Customer Experience Practices in 2021

Crucially, if every brand succeeds in delivering a strong CX, the customer experience (CX) will not provide competitive differentiation—sometimes companies will hinder their own way. On the one hand, many organizations are product- or channel-centric, which hinders their ability to easily reorganize to cultivate a good customer experience.

U.S. consumers who are most likely to buy more products from the company based on customer experience (CX)

A great customer experience (CX) will guide customers to buy more products from companies in all walks of life.

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The understanding of the value of CX in some industries is lagging behind. Suzanne Mehta, chief experience officer at Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate company, said: “I work in an industry that they don’t fully understand.” “I worked for three years in a job that didn’t exist before. We have many customers that fully accept it. And we have some customers that we have to sell to them.”

Mehta noticed that her client reports to the human resources department instead of reporting to the chief financial officer. The conclusion is that if the team responsible for it reports to the financials, CX may be underestimated.

According to Bohb Blair, global chief experience officer at media agency Starcom Worldwide, the success of CX is usually related to having a cross-functional team and budget. “You need to be able to work in various budgets to fund these areas,” he said. “Some organizations are built for this right away, and they like it. For some organizations, it is painful to complete it.”

Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer of the American Medical Association, said: “The elements that make up the experience funnel often exist in different departments and silos, and no one is responsible for coordinating it.” “Today’s digital environment requires a new understanding of the elements. Paradigm and able to lead coordination and operational leaders who have the authority to do so.”

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A top-notch customer experience (CX) requires an appropriate team structure.


Unger considers himself lucky because he leads all aspects of the organization, enabling him to provide seamless CX, but he points out that most customer experience leaders are not enabled in the same way. “Usually, you will find a lack of consistency between these areas, or a CX organization that is outside the operational structure of the production line.”

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