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Best environmentally friendly toy brand for holidays

With toys recall It seems that this happens every year, and buying gifts for children may feel a little overwhelming. To help simplify the process, I spent some time exploring environmentally responsible toy brands, ranging from popular to lesser-known, producing products for children.

The following are nine toy brands that you can safely put at home and give them as gifts this holiday season.

1. Green toy

There are some Green Toys works bouncing around in our house, and they are definitely the most popular. Green toy All its toys are made of recycled plastic, mainly recycled milk cartons. This post-consumer plastic is collected, cleaned, shredded, reprocessed, and mixed with food safety pigments, and then turned into a fun toy that children will love. Perhaps my favorite part is their clever packaging. Instead of using annoying cable ties or cellophane packaging, they managed to use cardboard and occasional plastic components to safely store the toy in the packaging. Some of the top choices include:

2. restart

Begin Again not only attaches great importance to the use of sustainable Material Among all their toys, but they also focus on understanding how children play.Start to believe in promotion again Balanced game, Where children switch between various roles, including artists, writers, inventors, athletes, and heroes. Their focus is to enhance these types of games with sustainably manufactured toys. Some of the top choices include:

Start Tinker Totter robot character set again

3. Wishbone

Wishbone Design Studio original three-in-one bicycle
Wishbone tricycle

Although other brands on this list have made a variety of toys, Wishbone Focus on bicycles, tricycles and flips. The crossbar design is made of sustainably harvested wood and uses non-toxic glue. Many of their company’s sustainability initiatives range from a commitment to plastic-free packaging to an office tea bag composting program.See them collect.

4. Pure play child

After some of their children’s toys were recalled for chemical problems, the Grant family decided it was time to find safer and more natural toys for their children. This search eventually led them to create their own company, Pure play child. 90% of their toys are produced in the Tennessee Toy Factory in the United States. Some of the top choices include:

5. Eco children

Eco children's dough
Eco-Kids Eco Dough

If you have a small artist in your family, they will love it Eco children product. Eco-Kids was launched in 2008 by the husband and wife team Cammie and Kip and their three children. They work with various environmentally friendly American manufacturers to create art supplies that are safe for children. Preferred options include:

6. Polaris toy

Initiated by another husband and wife team, Polaris toy Focus on making handmade wooden toys with sustainable materials. These toys are made in their studio in New Mexico, usually using leftover wood from a local cabinet store. All the electricity needed to power their stores comes from renewable energy sources. Some of the top choices include:

7. deed

Tegu 14-piece magnetic wooden block set
Tegu 14-piece magnetic wooden block set

Chris and Will Haughey set out to create a sustainable for-profit business in Honduras to have a positive social impact. result? deed, Specializing in the production of wooden blocks with hidden magnets inside. Tegu pays a living wage to Honduran workers and focuses on long-term career development. They cooperated with Honduran cooperatives to choose each tree they used and used non-toxic water-based dyes to color the wood blocks.View their Building set.

8. Haba

HABA Animal On Animal Stacking Toy Game
HABA Animal On Animal Stacking Toy Game

HABA is a German company with a history of more than 70 years and more than 1,400 employees. Like everyone else on the list, Haba Using water-based stains, its products do not contain formaldehyde and lead. All of their wooden toys are made of certified reforested wood, while fabric toys are made of organic materials. Some of the top choices include:

9. DIY toys

Okay, so the last one is not a toy brand, but for those who are particularly cunning, making your own sustainable toys is very easy.My daughter spent a few hours in her theater made of giant toys cardboard box. Take a few minutes to peruse Taste And I believe you will find one or two toys that children will love that can be easily made at home.If you are more cunning, there are many great websites selling your own plans wooden toy. They will even teach you how to draw them so that they are safe for your children.

Originally published on December 5, 2017, this article was updated in November 2021.

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