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Best MacBook of 2021

How to buy a MacBook

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These are the first factors to consider when buying a new MacBook.


To determine which MacBook is right for you, it is important to understand what you intend to use it for. If you need a powerful machine to process images, edit videos, or process complex data, MacBook Pro is a better choice.

Apple’s MacBook Pro models, especially the 13-inch Intel-driven MacBook Pro with four ports and 16-inch MacBook Pro, can be upgraded to 32GB of memory, while the cheaper M1 MacBook Pro, Intel-driven MacBook Pro with two ports and The M1-powered MacBook Air is only equipped with up to 16GB of memory.

Even if you don’t need that much memory, if performance is your top priority, the MacBook Pro model is still the best choice. For example, although the M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are very similar, the MacBook Pro is slightly better in terms of performance because it has a fan-powered cooling system and additional graphics cores in the basic level of the processor.

Battery Life

If battery life is the most important, choose M1 MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Apple’s custom chips have brought unprecedented battery life to its laptops. According to Apple’s estimates, the MacBook Air has a battery life of up to 18 hours, while the MacBook Pro has a battery life of up to 20 hours. In contrast, the battery life of Apple’s Intel laptops is estimated to be only 10-12 hours.


When choosing a new laptop, storage is also important. If you need the maximum space that your MacBook can get, you can consider using Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has a maximum configurable capacity of 8TB. The 13-inch Intel MacBook Pro with four ports is a close second because you can order up to 4TB of storage space.

Apple’s other current laptops, including M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, can only be configured with a maximum of 2TB of storage space.


Looking for a bigger laptop to get the job done? The 16-inch MacBook Pro is your best choice. It is the only Apple laptop with a size larger than 13 inches. If you want a laptop that is more suitable for desktop settings than portability, then it is the right choice.

If you want the most compact Apple laptop, check out MacBook Air. Like most Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, Air has a 13-inch screen. But it is lighter, only 2.8 pounds, while the MacBook Pro weighs 3 pounds or more.

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