BETC is ready to offer players a unique gaming experience through…

BETC is ready to offer players a unique gaming experience through…


BETC is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform of the O2O ecosystem. The platform ushers esports into the third millennium by integrating gamefi, metaverse, and socialfi elements. Users can now experience a unique gaming experience.

New York, New York, United States, July 17, 2022, BetCoVerse is ready to offer the gaming industry a never-before-seen Esports 3.0 aggregator platform based on the O2O ecosystem. By integrating components from Gamefi, Metaverse and Socialfi, it brings eSports to version 3.0.

The combination of blockchain and NFT will allow players to acquire property for the first time. Users can now read, write and own content, fully immerse themselves in the game environment and interact with other users like Web 3.0.

For projects where lack of trading volume is an obstacle, BETC is focused on offering a solution where it drives the progress of the project and subsequent reinvestment. The platform offers a practical solution to the cryptocurrency industry and its community. While partnering with the aggressive deflationary DeFi protocol, it strives to innovate in every aspect. However, the main goal of this formulation is to allow users to earn passive income just by holding the tokens.

BETC has developed a deflationary protocol to generate multiple benefits including income, dividends, cashback, bonuses, lotto, utility NFTs, etc. Additionally, a portion of successful returns are added to the marketing budget to boost the platform’s brand and future investors to attract.

The platform is pleased to announce that the first NFT concept of tradable grades is currently under development. It places strong emphasis on building a remarkable metaverse environment for people to follow sporting events. In other words, the site is trying to gain top support in this entertainment sector.

BETC is working to advance its development to give every potential cryptocurrency user, regardless of their location, the opportunity to help those who…


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