Biden’s sixth-quarter approval rating is lowest on record: How did…

Biden’s sixth-quarter approval rating is lowest on record: How did…


president Joe Bidens The approval rating has fallen to a new low, according to the latest Gallup poll.

What happened: The percentage of people who approve of the way Biden has handled his job as president was 38%, the analytics firm said, citing its July poll. The president’s approval rating exceeded 50% for only the first seven months of his term, and between September 2021 and June 2022 his ratings stagnated between 40 and 43.

Source: Gallup

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Sixth-quarter approval worst for Biden: Gallup’s poll also found Biden’s approval rating in the sixth quarter, which corresponds to the period between April and June 2022, was the worst among all president-elects, the poll found.

The average approval rating for Biden was 40 in the sixth quarter. The second-lowest rating was for former presidents donald trump and Jimmy Carter. The latter two had an average rating of 42 for the period.

The former president received the highest average rating in the sixth quarter barack obama, at 75.

Source: Gallup

Gasoline Gas Take: Biden’s record-low approval ratings partially reflect the challenges he has faced to date. In his first year in office, he was left with the daunting task of getting the economy back on track after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The easing of monetary policy and stimulus measures implemented after the pandemic led to an unintended consequence of higher inflation.

In 2022, Biden faced another set of challenges. Russia went to war with Ukraine, further straining the supply chain that fed US companies. In terms of monetary policy, the Fed had no other choice increase interest This resulted in two consecutive quarters of negative growth — technically called a recession.

It remains to be seen whether the president, by tackling the economic and…

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