Bill Gates excited about Senate clean energy deal, but…

Bill Gates excited about Senate clean energy deal, but…


Majority Leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) last week agreed to vote on the “Inflation Reduction Act 2022”, which also includes provisions to promote clean energy.

Response to development, billionaire Bill Gates said on Twitter last week that he was “really excited” to see the two senators come together in what could be a “historic step forward for climate.” He expressed his view by citing a tweet from Breakthrough Energy, which Gates and a coalition of private investors founded in 2015 to address the effects of accelerating climate change.

“Congress just released a historic policy framework that will enable critical climate technologies to scale rapidly and help lay the foundation for a clean energy economy when enacted,” the Breakthrough Energy Twitter handle tweeted.

In response to his own tweet, Gates said Congress must act quickly. He expressed optimism that the US would deliver a clean energy future.

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That Microsoft Corporation MSFT However, co-founder warned not to waste time.

Gates is a staunch supporter of initiatives to combat climate change. He has also written a book, How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe, in which he discusses measures to accelerate efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year, Gates pledged to contribute $1.5 billion for projects to slow greenhouse gas emissions when President Joe Bidens Infrastructure plan passes Congress.

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