Billium Announces New Cryptocurrency Exchange With Copy Trading Functions ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Billium Announces New Cryptocurrency Exchange With Copy Trading Functions ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Our platform was designed in conjunction with professional traders and has a number of unique features and capabilities.

Billium, a Dubai-based new generation cryptocurrency exchange, has just announced the launch of its platform. Now, crypto traders can engage in diverse, decentralised transactions on the platform efficiently and at less cost. In addition, the protocol has added a new feature called the copy trading function.

This function will allow users, especially new investors, to make as much profit as possible by following the steps of experienced and successful traders. How is this possible? Billium selects each investor carefully based on their trading history, eliminating the risk of copying unprofitable deals.

Furthermore, newbies will have free access to strategies, records and history of experienced traders, and they can copy the trading as their own. The modified platform with an advanced algorithm quickly notifies new traders of any updates from their attached professionals.

Not only does copy trading allow beginners to forge ahead in the crypto market, but advanced traders can also benefit from its accurate market analysis by quickly predicting the best investment options. In summary, Billium’s copy trading option allows all users to win.

Other Key Developments

Billium is licensed by the Dubai market regulators. Hence, traders and investors are safe from irregularities and hostile actors. Moreover, the platform works with a high level of customer-service-driven privacy. Therefore, Billium users do not have to worry about regulatory scrutiny and asset seizure.

Users of the Billium cryptocurrency exchange can benefit from the liquidity aggregator. This function gathers data from other crypto exchanges and uses the information to make transactions that would bring the highest returns without the risk of slippage.

The exchange also cares much about its users’ safety. Therefore, when the platform senses a suspicious transaction through…


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