BioViva Introduces Innovative Gene Therapy Aiming to Transform Human…

BioViva Introduces Innovative Gene Therapy Aiming to Transform Human…


Bainbridge Island, Wash. – (Newsfile Corp. – July 27, 2022) – BioViva, a company developing gene therapy treatments to reduce aging, announces its latest advances as it continues on its mission to help people live longer, healthier lives. This is the latest in a series of breakthrough treatments the company has developed in the field of biogerontology.

As you age, your cells gradually become less efficient at performing their daily tasks and repairing damage. This microcellular decline can then lead to life-threatening macro effects such as organ failure and disease. Traditionally, medicine has focused on treating the symptoms of this damage — like cognitive decline or high cholesterol. However, ambitious biotechnology company BioViva instead focuses its attention on fixing the root cause of everything: cellular aging.

BioViva implements personalized regenerative gene therapies to slow and reverse biological aging. The company holds a patent on a gene delivery process known as adeno-associated virus (AAV). AAV, which uses a virus’s natural ability to carry genetic material into cells and can therefore be used as a vehicle to deliver therapeutic genes into human cells.

In addition, the biotechnology company has filed a patent on CMV, a gene delivery method that has the ability to support larger genetic loads due to its larger genome size and unique ability to integrate multiple genes. CMV thus minimizes the number of treatments required because more genetic information can be delivered at once. Initial animal studies found that CMV treatment increased lifespan by over 41%. It has proven to be a potent delivery vector and is used as part of several immunotherapies, including treatments for cancer, AIDS and malaria.

With this innovative form of gene therapy, BioViva would like to extend the health span of humans – that is the time that in good…


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