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Bishop Nouvel of Spain is removed from office, challenged by homosexual sentence-World

Pope Francis today accepted the pastoral care from the diocese of Solsona (Spain), which was proposed by the bishop. Xavier Novell Gomà (Xavier Novell Gomà), and has been appointed as the “vacant seat” of the apostolic administrator of the bishop of the same diocese. Romà Casanova Casanova, Bishop Vic.

Bishop Novell Gomà, 52 years old, was appointed Bishop of Solsona by Pope Benedict XVI on November 3, 2010. He was 41 years old and was the youngest bishop in Spain and the eighth in the world. The bishop is also the eighth bishop in the world. The world caused serious controversy a few years ago because of his remarks about homosexuality.

On May 30, 2017, the Serviera City Council declared him an “unwelcome person”, just as shortly before the Bishop Xavier Novell announced that “homosexuality may be related to the image of an absent and alienated father”, but not Correct this statement. On Sunday, May 28, after some LGBT activists called for a demonstration against him, he had to leave the parish of Santa Maria de l’Alba in Tarrega accompanied by Mossos d’Esquadra, local police and some parishioners church. The city councils of Tàrrega and Mollerussa, which were part of his parish, denied access to Monsignor Novell.

On May 29, the mayor of Solsona, David Rodriguez, classified the bishop’s remarks as “unfortunate” and stated that he had contacted Novell for correction. On June 1, Bishop Norville apologized to the “parents of homosexuals who felt unwell due to his remarks” and said that he never wanted to offend anyone. However, he warned that “he will continue to fearlessly display Christian views on people and the moral consequences that result from them.”

The former lady. Novell also made headlines for its position on Catalan independence. Especially in September 2013, he advised the parish priests of the diocese not to participate in the “bell ringing movement” that accompanied Paseo de Catalunya on September 11. This triggered countless protests. In an article published on Sunday, September 7, 2014, immediately before the anniversary, the Diocese of Solsona defended Catalans’ right to make decisions and the legitimacy of their requests, and called on believers to vote to ensure that Catalans Nia “conforms to the doctrine of the element church to show the reality of a country: culture, language, and history.” Although the bishop did not accept the direction of the vote, he invited citizens “not to remain irrelevant to this process” and asked them to “in the spirit of democracy and peace, calmly choose the option they consider the most advantageous. Catalonia.”.
Subsequently, before the Catalan parliamentary elections on September 27, 2015, in an article published in the Diocese Weekly, Msgr. Novell clearly and publicly expressed support for the option of supporting Catalan independence.

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