Bixbcoin revealed its metaverse called “Metabix”.

Bixbcoin revealed its metaverse called “Metabix”.


Last week, Bixbcoin’s Metaverse website was officially released.

Bixbcoin (Ticker: BIXB), a P2P cryptocurrency, enters the Metaverse through “Metabix” in what appears to be an immersive real-life experience on a fantastical island.

What does Metabix offer us?

Metaverse is a web of connected, immersive experiences and social platforms in persistent multiuser platforms.

Today, many cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are conceivable due to technologies like blockchain enabling virtual items and real estate ownership in metaverses like Decentraland. But still we need something that offers us another metaverse that no doubt each of us is waiting for. Metaverse cannot suffice us with VR gaming alone or offer the same things that social media has given us as a platform to socialize; We must certainly be offered a new product and facilities. In this case, Metabix seems to have something to say.

According to Metabix official website, Metabix is ​​a high quality 3-dimensional environment that offers us an immersive experience close to real life.

The story behind Metabix

Based on the light paper published on the Metabix official website, there’s an awesome meta island waiting for us out there! Apparently they create an island that gives us an immersive experience of a modern city while there are historical places, mysterious caves and dark forests. It sounds like they are preparing amazing games with prizes and earning opportunities like live competitions. We still have to wait and see what they will offer us and how they will show more surprises to their community.

The technology that powers Metabix

According to its lightpaper, Metabix uses the leading 3D engine, Unity, which creates 3D games that allow users to interact with each other within a three-dimensional virtual universe. Unity offers us an immersive experience in the metaverse thanks to its full potential capacities.

Virtual Reality offers you a fantastic…

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