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Black Friday passenger traffic will make a comeback in 2021

Shopping volume is expected to surge Black friday According to the latest data from the UK, between November 21 and 27 this year, passenger traffic in the UK will increase by 7.9% over the previous week. springboard.

Higher passenger traffic will peak on Black Friday itself, with an expected growth of 19%. These data “bring new optimism to the retail industry this Christmas.”

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the passenger flow of Black Friday was -60.4% lower than that of Black Friday in 2019. Under normal trading conditions, the passenger flow of 2018 was 3.3% higher than that of 2018.

However, this year’s overall passenger traffic to retail destinations in the UK will increase by 7.9% within a week, and passenger traffic will peak during the Black Friday weekend, with a 19% increase on Friday, a 13% increase on Saturday, and an 11% increase on Sunday.

Shopping malls are expected to have the highest passenger flow, which is expected to grow by 24%, while commercial streets will also grow by 20%, and retail parks will grow by 6%.

Springboard stated that it is “inevitable” that the number of retail parks is lower compared to the streets and shopping malls because they “start higher.” For example, the passenger flow of retail parks in October was only -3.1% lower than the level in 2019, while the passenger flow of high streets and shopping centers was -15% and -20% lower.

However, the increase in passenger traffic for all three destination types will continue until Saturday and Sunday, but to a slightly lower degree than Friday.

In the three days from Black Friday to Sunday, shopping mall traffic is expected to be 19% higher than the same three days in the previous week, 17% higher in commercial streets, and 4% higher in retail parks.

Overall, the expected increase in Black Friday shopper activity this year means that in the three days from Friday to Sunday, passenger traffic is expected to be 107.5% higher than the same three days in 2020.

However, the magnitude of the drop in passenger traffic since Covid means that passenger traffic will still be 14.4% lower than in 2019 during these three days. However, in the retail park, the passenger flow in these three days was only 2.9% lower than the level in 2019, and it was almost the same as in 2019 (-0.7%) on Friday.

Diane Wehrle, Director of Insights at Springboard, commented: “As the retail industry is now back to full speed and shoppers were denied the opportunity to visit physical stores around Christmas last year, we expect traffic will increase. The week of Friday was an increase of 7.9% over the previous week.

“The increase in shopper activity may also be the result of concerns about potential supply issues, which may mean that unless selected gifts are purchased in advance, they may not be available in time for Christmas.”

She added: “In terms of the increase in the number of shoppers, the streets and shopping centers will be the winners because consumers take full advantage of the opportunity to snap up Christmas gifts as early as possible to ensure that they will not suffer from any shortage of supply, while also being able to absorb The feeling of Christmas that I didn’t have last year.

“However, as convincing discounts offered by retailers of electrical appliances and household goods are a major feature of Black Friday, retail parks will continue to attract shoppers, and their accessibility and free parking make it easy and convenient for shoppers to click And collect online shopping.”

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