Blacks Network TV offers a new approach to authentic black content,…

Blacks Network TV offers a new approach to authentic black content,…


Black people around the world deserve a place that publishes the news and entertainment that matters to them. BNT offers content such as headlines, music, films and entertainment that brings the race together

United States, July 17, 2022, Blacks Network Inc. announces the launch of its television channel, Blacks Network TV, designed to serve the entertainment, informational and educational needs of Black people worldwide. With a presence in over 177 countries around the world, BNT is here to redefine black entertainment and give them what they want.

The channel provides pioneering African American news, events and entertainment around the world. Blacks Network TV is like the BET TV channel, but with a unique and inspiring difference. Viewers around the world can access the channel for the latest headlines and trending topics, particularly those that affect them as races. They also offer lists and other article content that covers important topics to enlighten readers and help them learn more about who they are.

Every day, viewers are offered quality entertainment in the form of music videos and films, documentaries, etc. that address important Black race issues. There is also plenty of music, celebrity interviews, fashion and content on African culture.

Most mainstream entertainment channels broadcast content that black people have nothing to do with or connect with. This is why many young black boys and girls grow up to be adults knowing so much about other races and almost nothing about their own race. Blacks Network TV will end this era by delivering quality content that is educational and informative to Black families worldwide.

Each TV channel program has been selected for its quality, positive message, exceptional performance and inspiration that promotes Black and African culture. Viewers can expect a royal treat of pure entertainment that touches their souls. Blacks Network TV is free to air and…


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