Booming beauty brand IGL Nails partners with Nike and Air Jordan to…

Booming beauty brand IGL Nails partners with Nike and Air Jordan to…


California beauty company IGL Nails recently created custom sets for Nike and Air Jordan

IGL Nails recently partnered with Nike and Air Jordan to create sets of custom press-on nails for the Nike Title IX Anniversary event and the Air Jordan x WNBA All Star Weekend. These engagements allowed attendees to experience this exciting beauty brand up close and personal.

IGL Nails is changing the way people look at press nails. The appeal of simply putting on a new set of nails has long been offset by the frustration of boring, traditional styles that don’t look natural and don’t last long.

Brittany Golden, founder of IGL Nails, set out to create press-on nails that far outlast the competition while offering options for narrow, regular, and wide nail beds. So far her brand has continued to grow and become synonymous with fun, quality nails.

IGL nails come in a variety of styles, shapes, and lengths. Each set contains 24-28 nails, which is more than a dozen sizes per hand. Durable and reusable, these nails can be cut and shaped. Included with each set is a strong adhesive that allows for an average wear time of two weeks, adhesive strips for short reusable wears, and a few other items needed for attachment.

These kits give users everything they need to create the perfect nails.

Nike has teamed up with IGL Nails to create custom press-on nail sets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Golden was there to apply them custom nike nails about the participation of young women.

IGL Nails was commissioned to manufacture custom press-on nails for Air Jordan during WNBA All-Star Weekend. Golden created Air Jordan logo nails that attendees installed on site.

The entire IGL Nails team felt honored to be able to attend both events and look forward to continuing to work together in the future. These exciting developments come at a time when IGL Nails’ popularity is exploding. IGL Nails has been in the spotlight on social media around the world…


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