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Boost e-wallet’s new food delivery platform in Malaysia

Rear AirAsia Food with ShopeeFood, Another big brand in Malaysia is vigorously promoting takeaway——PromoteOf course, it’s a bit late to launch your own food delivery platform, but as a customer, having more choices is usually a good thing.

Is called Promote diet, Its team claims that it aims to help Boost’s catering businesses get their businesses online without complicated back-end processes or expensive fees.

Join the delivery site

Merchants can directly access Boost Makan in the Boost Biz Merchant App and register for the food ordering platform, free of income and employment fees for a limited time, but they do not know how much commission they will charge for the transaction.

Although Boost has more than 380,000 merchants in Malaysia, most of which are catering businesses, it is still unclear how many catering merchants are on Boost Makan.

However, there are a variety of foods, such as local, Chinese, Asian, Western, vegetarian, and refreshments from cafes, restaurants, home businesses, food trucks, etc., depending on your location.

It is said that there is a delivery coverage radius of 20 kilometers (but high fees are expected), and users can also choose to pick up, in-store contactless orders, and drive-through (if relevant).

Boost Makan currently provides merchants with a RM50 reward to encourage them to join, and provides a RM5 cash rebate for users who order from the site from now until December 31, 2021.

A decent user interface could be better

After checking Boost Makan myself, I found that the UI is a bit messy. It may be because not many merchants (in my area) have joined yet, so in order to make up for this, Boost displays their menu previews to fill in the gaps.

However, once they add more, the UI should be cleaned up to be more seamless and easier to scroll.

Another UI complaint I have encountered is that whenever I want to exit my checkout cart to add more items or continue browsing the store, I always go back to the Boost home page in some way. This means that I have to continue to open Boost Makan and find a merchant again to complete my order, which is not only inefficient, but also quickly annoying.

There are also some mistakes, even if I choose to order 6 ringgit or less from the store under the “Cheaper Delivery Fee” section of Boost Makan, I may still end up paying a delivery fee of more than 6 ringgit.

Please note that to order on Boost Makan, your only payment method is to use your Boost wallet. If you are not a Boost user yet, frankly, this is very limited.

I haven’t tried to place an order yet, so I can’t comment further on this service, but for now, it is clear that Boost Makan is still testing the waters and we can expect to see more changes in the next few weeks.

We have contacted Boost to find out who its third-party delivery partners are, and to learn more about commission fees, and how many catering merchants are already on Boost Makan. Once we get a response from the team, we will update this article.

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