Boxwheel Trailer Leasing Explains Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Semi Trailer Fleet ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Boxwheel Trailer Leasing Explains Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Semi Trailer Fleet ~ Prodigy Press Wire


If your company brings in or ships out anything from raw materials to finished products, you probably utilize semi trailers of various types. This may include dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, lift gates, etc. If you provide that equipment, you know that it requires significant work to keep track of your inventory, including ensuring that every trailer is maintained correctly.

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Increasingly, companies are taking a new approach. Many are choosing to outsource the management of their semi trailer fleet. Rather than owning one or more trailers, they turn to a company like Boxwheel Trailer Leasing that provides top-quality, professionally maintained equipment to meet all their needs.

By outsourcing their semi trailer fleet management, they enjoy many financial and operational benefits.

Semi Trailer Fleet Outsourcing: Why It’s to Your Company’s Advantage

Whether your company is a startup preparing to make your first deliveries or a veteran organization looking to improve its operations, outsourcing your semi trailer needs provides eight crucial advantages.

  1. Cost-effective transportation. As regulations change and overhead and related costs increase, using an outsourced semi trailer solution makes even more financial sense. When you do, you hand the responsibility of meeting regulatory requirements to your trailer provider.
  2. A semi trailer strategy customized to your needs. Your equipment provider works with you to understand the weight and size of the cargo you typically haul and the loading and unloading challenges you face. Then they develop a plan that gives you the right quantities of the right equipment to meet your needs. That means you’re not paying for more capacity than you require but also that your needs don’t exceed your capacity. Even companies that have used semi trailers for years or decades can benefit from the outside perspective of a trailer provider like Boxwheel.
  3. Fleet maintenance and administrative services. Performing…

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