Boy who was chasing Musk’s private jet is after Desantis now

Boy who was chasing Musk’s private jet is after Desantis now


Jack Sweeney, the “kid” from Florida who has been chasing it Elon MuskThe private jet is here Twitterhas now turned his attention to the Florida governor and a potential Republican nominee for the office Presidential Election 2024, Ron DeSantis.

What happened: The 20-year-old sophomore who asked Musk for $50,000 was instead banned from Twitterset up a new account on the microblogging platform to follow the state-owned jet used by the governor.

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Sweeney’s new account, username @DeSantisJet, had already started posting about DeSantis’ moves. The student told Insiders said he set up the account due to rising interest in DeSantis as lawmakers prepared to announce his candidacy for office White House in 2024.

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Why it matters: This comes days after Florida died a new law that would protect the governor’s travel recordsher immediate family, the Lieutenant Governor, cabinet members, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court may not be publicly disclosed.

Sweeney caught media attention after Musk offered him $5,000 to have his Twitter account deleted That was chasing the billionaire’s private jet. However, Sweeney later turned down the offer Musk bought Twitter last yearhe blocked the @ElonJet account.

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