Bringing the Packaging Industry into the Digital Age ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Bringing the Packaging Industry into the Digital Age ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Over the past several years, innovative technologies have emerged to enhance the processes used by industries across the globe. One of the most important, but least-talked about is the almost trillion-dollar packaging industry.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, bottlenecks in global supply chains caused widespread disruptions to virtually every sector of e-commerce. For many, this period was their first direct experience with the packaging industry — one that Philip Weinman, co-founder of Packform, referred to as, “the industry that technology forgot about.”

Considered one of the most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs in Australia, Weinman is a serial innovator widely regarded for his repeated ability to identify critical gaps in consumer markets and disrupt their respective industries with revolutionary — and oftentimes, much-needed — changes that improve upon their existing processes.

“Prior to Packform, there wasn’t any digital platform available that helped align the packaging industry’s customers with its brokers, suppliers, or salespeople,” said Weinman. “Our platform’s technology is bringing the packaging industry into the digital era, offering new advantages to all stakeholders in need of custom or stock packaging options.”

Disrupting the traditional form of the packaging industry

Launched just prior to the pandemic’s onset, Packform is an end-to-end technology platform that has transformed the packaging industry by streamlining the process through which its customers, suppliers, and dealers (i.e., independent salespeople) buy and sell their products and services. Packform’s digital marketplace provides each of these stakeholders with efficient and transparent access to one another in an industry that has historically suffered from outdated, fragmented processes and routine delays in its supply chain.

“In the US market there are over 4,000 packaging distributors,” said Jed Wockenfuss, who formerly…


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