BTL’s innovative new EMFACE device comes to Dr. Ellen Turners…

BTL’s innovative new EMFACE device comes to Dr. Ellen Turners…


DALLAS, Sept. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There’s a new way to improve aging facial contours that’s more effective than fillers and doesn’t require incisions or stitches: BTL Aesthetics’ EMFACE™. The Dallas-based dermatology practice of Dr. Ellen Turner will be the first Dallas practice to own this unique device as of the September 19 launch date. dr Turner – a BTL EMFACE™ luminary – will offer facial rejuvenation treatments EMFACE™ welcomes women and men who wish to improve their facial contours without surgery.

Clinical studies have shown that patients can expect an average 30% improvement in muscle tone, a 23% improvement in tightening levels and a 37% reduction in wrinkles. The treatment lifts droopy brows, reduces forehead lines, better shapes and defines the jawline, and tightens sagging neck tissue.

As a luminary, Dr. Turner speaking to practices and physicians across the country about EMFACE™ through the end of 2022 and beyond. Her first engagement will be at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in November.

The loss of facial fat, muscle density, collagen, and skin elasticity often causes cheeks to thin and the lower face to lose definition. As the deep support layer weakens, it loses its ability to keep facial tissues in an elevated and youthful position.

Energy based treatments like Emsculpt Neo® are ideal for treating similar changes to the body and sculpting more youthful contours, and there is a great demand for a treatment that can do the same for the face.

EMFACE™ is this treatment that addresses contour changes by combining high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFES) with radio frequency (RF) energy to build muscle while reducing fat. The device can trigger thousands of powerful muscle contractions that strengthen and tone facial muscles. The radio frequency energy also stimulates collagen re-production.

Due to its non-invasive application and noticeable…


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