Buying Real Estate in Puerto Rico with Caribbean Luxury Rentals &…

Buying Real Estate in Puerto Rico with Caribbean Luxury Rentals &…


Inspired by countless satisfied guests over the last 15 years, Caribbean Luxury Rentals helps individuals find the perfect property for a permanent move, temporary move or real estate investment in Puerto Rico – La Isla del Encanto.

Caribbean Luxury Rentals owner and licensed agent Diana Norniella-Burke has partnered with her son Christian to expand her business into Caribbean Luxury Rentals and Sales. They help people identify, inspect and Buying investment property in Puerto Rico.

“Many visitors return after staying with us and recently several have been asking about buying investment property and/or relocating to the island. Past guests have told us they trust us more after their holiday experiences and are happy to continue working with us on their property search.” says Diana.

Investing in Puerto Rico is investing in its future.

The warm tropical climate, iconic beaches, rainforest mountains, wonderful people, and rich history and culture are all reasons to invest in real estate on the US Caribbean island. Getting to the island is a breeze with most major airlines offering direct flights from many cities across the United States.

Visiting Puerto Rico is akin to crossing state lines as no passport is required, the currency is USD and most major cell phone networks operate on the island. Visitors and residents enjoy the familiar legal and financial framework of the United States, which makes everything easy.

The island’s pioneering strategies support entrepreneurs and investors. There is tax incentives for investing in Puerto Rico, including significant tax savings for those who live on the island 50% of the year, leading to an influx of mainland migrants. Puerto Rico was recently featured in Bloomberg Wealth for the fantastic opportunities it offers to join the growth Crypto community from Puerto Rico. The island is fast becoming THE place for cryptocurrency focused businesses and individuals.



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