Cannabis Taxes and Tax Revenues in CO and WA: A New Report

The Center for Tax Policy reported that due to the lack of a standard Cannabis tax in the USGovernments use three different types of cannabis taxes, based on a percentage tax, a weight-based tax, and a potency-based tax.

picture of the Tax Policy Center

The report showed that in fiscal year 2022, Colorado “raised $353.7 million

In addition, researchers also detailed “Each state’s cannabis tax system provides data on cannabis tax revenue, explains the pros and cons of various cannabis taxesand discusses the various aims of these taxes.”

Discrimination in the workplace: Buffalo Firefighter wants his job back

A 38-year-old firefighter who died in the air force in Iraq and Afghanistan, was fired for testing positive for marijuana despite being a certified medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis to treat PTSD and back pain.

Scott Martin, a 12-year veteran with the Buffalo Fire Department said doctors prescribed him “OxyContin and later tramadol shots” in his lower spine to treat his back pain. “Imagine getting an epidural every three or four months,” he said. “I’m not getting the injections anymore because of this medical marijuana. I’m off opiates.” So he took legal action to get his job back.

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Catherine Nugent Panepinto decided that Martin could take legal action to get his job back. However, Panepinto refused to reinstate him as requested. The judge said she will continue to consider each side’s arguments before making a decision on whether he can resume duty.

Under the conditions Law on Dependency“Diseases that can be treated with cannabis should be considered a disability, so his dismissal should be considered discrimination in the workplace,” he said David HollandMartin’s lawyer.

Recreational cannabis sales in Vermont will begin soon

On September 14th the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB) problematic…


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