Cannabis Regulation Update: Legalization Challenges in Oklahoma,…

Cannabis Regulation Update: Legalization Challenges in Oklahoma,…


Former lawmaker challenges legalization initiative in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, a legalization initiative faces legal challenges from a former state legislature. reported local media. On Wednesday 7th Mike ReynoldsFor example, a former Oklahoma Republican lawmaker filed a complaint with the state Supreme Court asking for more time to review signatures collected on state Question 820, commonly known as the Recreational Marijuana Legalization Proposal .

He said the language gave the impression that anyone wanting to verify signatures would first have to file a challenge. “I’m supposed to be contesting the signatures and I can’t even see them,” Reynolds said.

Charles McCall, Speaker of the House and author of HB3826 said Reynolds misinterpreted the bill. Michelle Tilley, Campaigns Manager of Oklahoma for Sane Marijuana Laws (OSML) said the former lawmaker’s challenge was “a shot in the dark of protest” that likely amounts to “another delaying tactic”.

Decriminalization in Wichita

On Tuesday, the Wichita City Council will vote on whether to decriminalize possession of marijuana within city limits, “making the state’s largest city the least restrictive for marijuana possession in Kansas.” reported The Wichita Eagle. The proposal aims to reduce arrests and prosecutions of marijuana users. If approved, marijuana cases could no longer be filed with the district court.

Although Wichita police could still arrest people for marijuana possession or use it as a reason to search their property, a criminal complaint would need to be filed Sedgwick District Attorney, Marc BennettThe Eagle said its office doesn’t have the capacity to handle the city’s smaller marijuana cases.

New poll in Missouri ahead of November vote

Although previous polls in Missouri showed strong majority support for legalizing adult use in the state, a new poll casts doubt on whether a Missouri marijuana legalization vote initiative will succeed this November. The poll of

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