Caterpillar launches four battery electric machines to…

Caterpillar launches four battery electric machines to…


  • Caterpillar Inc CAT plans to present four electric machine prototypes, including battery prototypes to support the transition to a lower carbon future.
  • The battery electric machine prototypes include the 301.9 mini excavator, the 320 medium excavator, the 950 GC medium wheel loader and the 906 compact wheel loader.
  • The machines are powered by Caterpillar battery prototypes and have an onboard AC charger.
  • The company also plans to offer an offboard DC fast charging option.
  • The batteries developed by Caterpillar in the machines will also be available for other industrial applications.
  • “Caterpillar is well positioned to help customers meet their sustainability goals, including reducing emissions on construction sites,” said Tony Fassino, President, Construction Industries Group.
  • Price promotion: CAT shares are trading up 4.50% at $178.94 on the latest check Tuesday.


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