CEO Prince Donnell makes noise in the franchise industry with…

CEO Prince Donnell makes noise in the franchise industry with…


Prince Donnell is on track with his mission to innovate the financial services space to bring financial literacy and generational wealth to minority communities after unveiling Jack’s Tax Mobile, which allows entrepreneurs to promote their Jack franchises from anywhere and to operate.

Prince Donnell is committed to making its mark in the franchise industry with Jack’s Tax Mobile, its latest innovation Jumping Jack taxes Brand.

Donnell, chief executive officer and founder of the Jumping Jack Tax Franchise, says entrepreneurs can run a virtual accounting franchise right from their homes through Jack’s Tax Mobile.

“Our entire mission and reason for doing so is to provide our community with need-based businesses — one that you can run, and also to provide financial literacy so our communities can thrive,” Donnell said.

The company opened its first Jumping Jack Tax store in early 2020, celebrating the grand opening of its flagship Philadelphia office. It then decided to help customers virtually in all 50 states, creating an experience that made customers literally feel like they were walking into the office, even though it was online.

“It now gives them the opportunity to take on all the tax as a franchisee accounting Practices from across the country and supports clients in all 50 states. However, we couldn’t stop there. We wanted to go one step further. Now, as a franchisee, they can conduct their business from anywhere, promote their business from anywhere, and work from anywhere through Jack’s Tax Mobile,” Donnell explains.

Donnell expressed pride that the company formed and onboarded 19 new franchisees in its first year. The company is also positioned to meet its goal of innovating the financial services space to provide financial education and generational wealth to minority communities

“It’s a blessing to be able to offer hiring opportunities to members of the community. It is also a blessing…


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