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Cesare Bocci, a journey of beauty and royalty-TV

From the grace period of the popular Marches actor, he returned in prime time on Thursday, June 10, and had five dates with Journey into the Great Beauty at Canale 5: “This is a project I really care about-he is working with ANSA Said in a conversation-it tried to bring culture and art to the public in an understandable and fascinating way. If I regret one thing, it is that I did not study art and history at an academic level. I was young when I was young. But I have recovered with great enthusiasm for several years.” At the same time, a few weeks ago, this popular actor who has been for more than 20 years, the vice chairman Mimì Augello and Luca Zingaretti of Montalbano commissioned a theater tour together, in which he read excerpts from Dante; The second season of the successful novel Imma Tataranni’s substitute prosecutor’s shooting “with the extraordinary Vanessa Scalera-he observes-but how good she can be” is coming to an end, and on November 4, on the occasion of the centennial of the unknown soldier, according to his comments The idea and plan for the story of the Unknown Soldier’s Rai novel will be broadcast in a documentary: “After a friend of mine told me that he was the great-grandson of the train driver who brought the body, I deepened a story from Aquileia in 1920. Unknown soldier to Rome”.

But let’s go back to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is another new season. How is the development going? We made our debut with the episode “Royal Dynasty-Windsor”. Then we deal with the greatest love story of all time (Romeo and Juliet; see the trio of protagonists Maria Callas, Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy; Eleonora Duss And Gabriele d’Annunzio, and then we will go to Turin, in the splendor of the Savoy and Agnelli family modernity; we will tell the splendor of the Middle Ages in Assisi and Orvière In the charm of Torto; the image of Father Pio, one of the most popular saints in Italy and the world.” Opening ceremony-we ​​shuttled between Rome and the Royal Villa of Monza, telling the king and queen, prince and princess: A world made up of rituals and secular ceremonies, gorgeous homes and gardens, priceless clothes and jewelry. A world full of passion, contrast, jealousy, mourning and tragedy. A modern allegory of ancient institutions representing national and national sentiments, Challenged by the protagonist himself, starting with Harry and Meghan-yesterday, Queen Elizabeth will be invited to the court to have breakfast news. With Harry, but without his wife, we will see. The fact is that the times have changed, but The charm remains. So… pay attention to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip; Prince Charles and Mrs. Diana; Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not forgetting Umberto I, Margarita di Savoia and Bella Bologna; Grace Kelly and Ranieri of Monaco; King of Persia and Soraya. I still remember this story. My grandmother had poor eyesight when she was in third grade, but she paid attention to the magazine called Sorava at the time. She is always moved by this story. On the contrary, she is a modern, liberated woman who has been an actor and traveled the world for a while. She is beautiful and smart.”

Again, he added, “We will face the story of Felipe di Borbone and Letizia Ortiz”. Witnesses of these passions include Alfonso Signorini, Enrica Rodolo, Flaminia Bolzan, Eva Ravenbol and Cesar Bonamić. Produced by Mediaset in collaboration with RealLife Television and directed by Roberto Burchielli. Therefore, Damei Journey updated the ideal visual experience for the public at the Mediaset flagship store, using hybrid shooting technology. The show was recorded deliberately and there is no studio. It was shot on the field, using three high-definition cameras, drones and special equipment. When necessary, “Journey to the Beautiful” will use short films of high-quality tracks or documentary materials. One of the moments that moved Cesare Bocci the most was the meeting with the friars of Pietracina and the followers of Father Bio, “including Angelo Comastri of Dr. Giovanni Scalé The testimony of the bishop”.

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