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Charlie Watts, the soul of the Rolling Stones who loves jazz-Music

Charlie Watts is the quietest and most reserved person in the Rolling Stones, and the least willing to return to live performances in years. Unfortunately, this time he decided not to join his usual companions. They will start to rehearse in two weeks. This is not determined by his character, but by certain certain things. He died in a London hospital at the age of 80. He was also the last person to join the band in 1963: he was 22 years old and had a good future as a graphic designer (he had collaborated on the Stones stage set for many years) and the talent of a cartoonist (he signed Charlie’s comic story) Parker . ). But he was also one of the most outstanding drummers in London’s boiling blues and R&B scenes in those years: for example, Ginger Baker, the crazy early British rock musician who despised most of his peers, was one of his most outstanding drummers. . A fanatical admirer. Charlie Watts is a rock legend who said in a rare interview during his 60-year career that he actually hoped to be born a few decades earlier in order to become a jazz drummer and play with him his idols such as Charlie Parker, Diz Gillespie and his companions. His idea was to call Sonny Rollins the “Saxophone Big Mac” and play the saxophone solo in “Waitin’ On A Friend”. He is a member of the Rolling Stones, but his favorite music in his life is jazz: he also conducted quartets and big bands. The most beautiful testimony of this passion is the accidental visit to Stan Levey’s home in 2003, his colleague’s brilliant resume, and the only white drummer to play with Parker. Charlie Watts is certainly not a master of art, but he is one of the irreplaceable musicians because he has been given an unparalleled style and voice. Anyone who has spoken to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood or Bill Wyman at least once must have heard that “Charlie” is the driving force of the band. Stones’ sound is based on the interaction between guitars, but in fact, Keith Richards’ legendary improvisation and his way of marking accompaniment chords are based on the telepathic understanding of Watts: that kind of guitar drum structure, in a different way From Hendrix and Mitch Mitchell to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page and John Bonham, they marked the history and evolution of rock and roll. Charlie Watts has swings in life and playing style: he seeks the essence of pulsation, he uses pauses that are confused with technical roughness in the accompaniment, on the contrary, the combined use of tom and tympanum, they are the secret of his style. He is an introvert and elegant man with an exquisite sense of humor: the perfect partner with the two super selves of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. A man who even reluctantly allowed himself to applaud among the audience in the stadium where they played: the last time the Rolling Stones performed in Rome, Mick Jagger invited him to rise from the drums and join him on the edge of the stage : “Charlie said something (Charlie said something)”, he said “Hello”. Another legend no longer exists: from today on, hearing the beginning of “Paint It Black”, it is hard not to think that the world will become darker. (deal with).

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