ChatGPT found that Putin’s mercenaries would defect: ‘Black Swan’ author

ChatGPT found that Putin’s mercenaries would defect: ‘Black Swan’ author


Nassim Nicholas TalebAuthor of the “Black Swan,” responded to a leaked US intelligence report on Monday Wladimir Putin-connected The Wagner Group reportedly offered Ukraine to disclose Russian troop positions if Kiev would withdraw its soldiers.

What happened: Taleb said in a Twitter post Mercenaries were often seen as the most practical fighters. He said that their motivation is not based on any specific cause, but rather their love of warfare and a desire to emerge victorious.

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“Historically, mercenaries have been the only realistic warriors. Traditionally, soldiers of fortune and condottiere had an instinct for spotting weaknesses and were quick to settle down and even switch sides. They weren’t interested in anything; they just loved war and preferred victory,” he tweeted.

Taleb also shared a screenshot of ChatGPTa chatbot with artificial intelligence, They said, “Their (mercenaries) were primarily loyal to themselves or their immediate comrades, and not to any particular nation or cause.”

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Why it matters: Head of the Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin sent his proposal to disclose the Russian troops Location to Kiev in exchange for Bakhmut’s withdrawalthe war-torn country could use to attack Putin’s soldiers, the Washington Post reported Monday, citing leaked US intelligence documents not previously released on Discord.

The Wagner boss has engaged in a public feud with Russia’s top executives and claims so he failed to equip and supply his mercenaries. Last week he criticized Moscow for not delivering its troops promised ammunition and accused them of trying to destroy his private military group.

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