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Chauvin’s defense witness: The defendant Santa Rosa’s pig-blood saboteur appeared in court, and the police said they aimed at the wrong house

Sonoma County, California (KGO)-Homeowners are still in a state of tension. The vandalism in April made national headlines because its “intended” target was a former Santa Rosa police officer who testified in court for his defense. Derek Chauvin Murder trial.

After being summoned by the Sonoma County Superior Court, none of the five defendants or their lawyers commented on the records.

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Dan Noyes of I-Team asked Vincent Barrientos, a lawyer, “So, I will call your office, okay?”

He replied: “Okay.”

But shortly afterwards, the three defendants posted this photo on Instagram-with their fists raised in the air with a “Black Man’s Life Is Fate” poster, at the same location where they were accused of sabotaging.

In April, just a few days after the use of force expert Barry Broder testified for his defense in the Derek Chauvan murder trial, he was splashed with pig blood at his former residence in Santa Rosa; a pig head that was chopped off was left behind. It’s down; a hand statue in a nearby shopping area was stained with blood, and a sign was placed there, “oink oink”.

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The felony complaint alleges that 34-year-old Kristen Aumoithe bought pig blood from the Santa Rosa butcher, 35-year-old Amber Lucas researched the address of Brodd’s house, 20-year-old Rowan Dalbey made a sign, and the three of them destroyed the hand portrait. .

The complaint alleges that 26-year-old Colin Metcalfe and 23-year-old Christina Henry attacked Broad’s house. The police told me that he lived there for more than a year and the current owner of the house is Richard Freeman.

He told I-Team, “I am monitoring the criminal case, trying to make sure that I understand the consequences and focus on her interests to the extent possible by the district attorney’s office and the police station.’No.

Freeman told us that they are considering litigation or restraining orders to help victims feel safe again.

“She is still very scared. I mean her home was attacked. It has nothing to do with her. Now she is a witness in criminal proceedings against the person who attacked her home in the first place.”

Due to the complexity of the case, the large number of defendants and lawyers, and the large amount of evidence such as search warrants, surveillance videos, mobile phones, and computer data, the judge handed the case to the original court for trial. The next hearing will be September 29.

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