Website Design SEO Company in Chicago is an Illinois-based company dedicated to helping its customers significantly increase their online presence. The company does their job so well that Google has ranked the agency #1 in Chicagoland for SEO keywords for the past 15 years. In order for the company to maintain its exalted status among the Chicago area SEO firms, they are constantly inventing new ways to help their clients make important website-related decisions. A good example of this is that the company just did a review of the popular WPX WordPress web hosting service. It contains information that can be of great use to companies that currently use or are considering using WPX WordPress to host their websites.

Jack Lombardi, the CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, spoke about the pros and cons of a company using WPX WordPress hosting services. He started by noting that one of the most impressive features of WPX hosting services is its speed. Lombardi says, “A fast website is critical to your online success, so the last thing your business needs is a slow-speed website. This will definitely have a negative impact on your online success. So we were very pleased when we took a close look at websites hosted on WPX and the consistently fast loading speeds these websites exhibited.”

He went on to say that whatever content a company has on its website, a business will benefit greatly from a fast loading website as it encourages a better user experience. Slow websites usually not only result in a large percentage of users becoming discouraged and leaving the site, but many of these disgruntled users also tell someone about their negative experience with a company’s website. The company’s CEO acknowledged that WPX WordPress was partly designed by an SEO expert, so it’s not surprising that speed is one of its attributes.

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