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China has contained the latest Covid outbreak, and there are no new local infections for the first time since July-RT World News

Chinese health authorities have reported no new local Covid-19 infections for the first time since July 20, after the state implemented multiple local lockdowns and large-scale testing activities out of concerns about the Delta variant.

On Monday, Chinese health authorities reported 21 imported Covid-19 cases, but importantly, there were no new cases of locally transmitted infections for the first time since July 20, indicating that the current epidemic may be under control.

There were 16 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases on Monday, and health authorities did not list these as confirmed infections until the patient developed symptoms or fever. Asymptomatic cases were also found among travelers arriving in mainland China.

After a series of strictly enforced local lockdowns and city-wide testing activities, the number of new local cases dropped to single digits last week.

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Authorities say that 777 million people in China have been vaccinated, which is the country’s lowest rate of Covid-19 infection since July

There was no death toll during the latest outbreak that started after the infection was found among airport workers in the eastern city of Nanjing on July 20. It is understood that an airport cleaner was exposed to the virus on a passenger plane arriving from Russia.

In the past month, more than 1,200 people have been confirmed to have Covid-19, although not all of them are highly contagious variants of Delta, which has stimulated soaring infection rates in other parts of the world.

Hundreds of people in Shanghai were quarantined after authorities confirmed a case among cargo workers at an airport last weekend. No new cases have been reported since.

China has vaccinated 1.94 billion people against Covid-19, although there are concerns that the effectiveness of the vaccines used will diminish. Kexing has recommended a third dose of vaccine, which is said to greatly enhance immunity.

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