China hifi audio releases an extensive range of Boyuurange brands…

China hifi audio releases an extensive range of Boyuurange brands…


China hifi audio supplies various high-quality audiophile tube amplifiers from domestic and overseas manufacturers and brands.

China hifi audio has been sourcing and supplying various audiophile tube amplifiers for many years. The store is professional in sales of commercial and home speakers, amplifiers, CD players, audio cables and all kinds of audio equipment. It is a leading supplier in the Chinese audio industry, integrating research, sales and after-sales service. These professionals enjoy good reputation both at home and abroad for their competitive price and excellent quality. From the beginning, they have been committed to providing customers with high quality audiophile tube amplifiers at competitive prices. Committed to continuous research and sales, they manufacture a wide range of devices for a specific clientele. From procurement to sales, these experts are committed to providing customers with the best possible support for their requirements. They have a huge selection of sound systems specially designed for professional DJs, audiophiles, commercial venues, corporate offices and anyone else who values ​​quality sound in their daily lives.

That Reisong A10 For example, tube amps can be used in a variety of applications such as DJs, corporate events, and even home audio. The system can handle music in both the lower and upper ranges. It is a high performance tube amp that delivers exceptional sound quality. This tube amp has a very simple design while still delivering excellent sound quality. It is completely plug and play as every part of this amp is made with great care. The manual for this system is very simple and easy to understand even without the use of manuals. This tube amp comes with a remote control so users can easily change the tone, tempo and volume of their music.

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