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China’s stock market suppression, best encryption application, real estate: insider investment

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The Chinese flag has a downward trending arrow from the second small star on a black grid background

Samantha Lee / Insider

US investors hold US$2 trillion in Chinese stocks, but the entire market is valid Financial House of CardsBy cleverly exploiting regulatory loopholes in Beijing and Washington, Chinese companies have evaded regulation, leaving investors ignorant of their financial status. Read our full analysis here.

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The Chinese stock market is falling. This is why their financial collapse may get worse.

In this photo illustration, you can see the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange logo (C) on the screen of the iPhone

Chestnut/Getty Images

Due to the 24-hour market and extreme volatility, cryptocurrency trading can be extremely challenging. Investors often use multiple applications and platforms to understand what is going on in the market.We talked with 10 encryption experts to understand Which applications do they use for trading, price monitoring and news.

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We asked 10 cryptocurrency traders to show us the apps they use on their phones to trade, track prices and read news

This is a photo of Sean Pan on the left and Sharon Tseung on the right, sitting side by side.

Sean Pan and Sharon Tseung

Between them, real estate investors Sharon Tseung and Sean Pan own 21 rental units.in a Interview insiderAnd they explain Their whole process, From how they decide which area to pursue, to how they usually finance their property.

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A couple in their 30s detailed how they owned 21 rental units in the country’s affordable and highly appreciated areas – and shared their methods of choosing top cities, real estate agents, and financing strategies

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