Chinese EV Trio Announce September Deliveries: Nio Holds, XPeng…

Chinese EV Trio Announce September Deliveries: Nio Holds, XPeng…


Nio, Inc. NEVER, XPeng, Inc. XPEV and LiAuto, Inc. LI released September deliveries on Saturday, with numbers mostly pointing to flat performances consistent with the last few months.

The headline numbers: Shanghai-based Nio said it had delivered 10,878 vehicles in September, including 7,729 SUVs and 3,149 sedans. The company sold 2,928 premium ET7 sedans and 221 ET5s, with commercial rollouts only beginning at the end of September.

XPeng announced deliveries of 8,468 electric vehicles, with the split showing 4,643 P7 sedans, 2,417 P5 sedans, 1,233 G3i SUVs and 184 G9 flagship SUVs. The G9 was launched on September 21st. The Guangzhou-based company said it expects to start mass shipments of G9s in late October.

Li Auto, meanwhile, reported deliveries of 11,531 vehicles, of which 10,123 were its flagship six-seater L9 SUV. September was the first full month of deliveries for this model.

The trio’s quarterly deliveries were as follows:

How does growth compare: Nio’s shipments grew 2.4% year over year and Li Auto’s shipments rose 62.5%, while XPeng reported a 18.7% year-on-year decline.

Li Auto outperformed quarter-on-quarter mainly due to an easier comparison. Sequentially, Li Auto’s shipments rose 152% and Nio saw an increase of about 2%. On the other hand, XPeng’s shipments fell by 11.6%.

What’s next for the trio: Nio is rapidly pursuing international expansion. The company has planned its launch event “Nio Berlin 2022” under the theme “A New Horizon” for October 7th. The company could see an increase in volume if its newly launched, relatively cheaper ET5 sedan takes off amid the current troubled economic environment.

XPeng stock took a hit Amid the current market downturn and to contain the turmoil, it needs to execute on its strategy. The company will likely rely on its new G9 SUV and international expansion to emerge from the lean phase.

Meanwhile, Li Auto’s L9 shipments have surged, with…

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