Christi Beca on Giving Back with Stefan Whitwell on CELEBRATE Like a…

Christi Beca on Giving Back with Stefan Whitwell on CELEBRATE Like a…


Christi Beca is the founder of Christi Beca Realty Group, a successful multi-state real estate agent, the founder of a major non-profit organization called Flower Mound Women in Business, and last but not least, she’s a proud mommy bear! Christi has built a significant non-profit organization concurrently with building her business. She is an amazing role model when it comes to doing good today rather than telling yourself that once you have the time and money, you will give back later in life. In this episode, Christi talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, the value of the human experience in business, celebrating the small victories, and the responsibility of successful female entrepreneurs to sit at the table for disadvantaged women.

“When you start to achieve a certain level of success, especially as a woman, I feel compelled not necessarily to give alms, but to reach out to disadvantaged women behind you and sit down at the table,” shares Christi Beca, Founder of Christi Beca Realty and Flower Mound Women in Business, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Christi built her nonprofit organization at the same time she was building her #real estate business while she was a single mom. Today, Christi speaks with host Stefan Whitwell about her journey as a serial entrepreneur and #girlboss, the gift of giving back by empowering disadvantaged women, and the importance of keeping the human experience at the heart of business.

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In this podcast, Stefan Whitwell reveals:

  • How Christi went from selling diaper bags to building a real estate business and non-profit organization

  • Why it’s important to always rent with your heart

  • How Christi celebrates victories big and small with her team members

  • Why Christi decided to start her nonprofit organization

  • How Flower Mound Women in Business gives back to women in need

  • How real estate can change lives and much more…



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