Clear Link Systems updates service offerings

Clear Link Systems updates service offerings


Nashville, Tennessee – Clear Link Systemsa Nashville-based technology services company, has proudly served the Nashville area since 2004. However, the company recently updated its website to present a clearer picture of itself enterprise security solution Services for current and potential customers. The change brings additional insight into Clear Link Systems’ commercial access control and video security products and services.

Access control is critical for commercial office buildings, educational and medical facilities, and small businesses. Clear Link Systems is pleased to announce its partnership with two of the leading names in access control, Paxton and Brivo.

Paxton Access Control is one of the nation’s most trusted names in on-premises security solutions. In addition to electronic and touchpad entry systems, Paxton also integrates with CCTV systems, allowing businesses to centralize their security through the use of a single system. Brivo Access Systems’ products and software are ideal for companies that prefer their employees to use their mobile phones to access their workplaces. These systems use cloud-based technology to ensure seamless and secure visitor management.

No security system would be complete without expertly installed audio and video surveillance equipment. With crime on the rise across the country, businesses cannot afford to leave their premises unattended. Video surveillance equipment, including low-voltage security camera systems, is an affordable complement to physical security that can help monitor and deter crime. Employers can deploy camera systems to protect their employees and customers and track events if and when they occur.

Clear Link Systems also recently announced a partnership with Nashville-based HIKVISION surveillance equipment. This state-of-the-art system uses a 360 degree fisheye lens with four separate channels. This provides CCTV systems with the widest panoramic coverage available. HIKVISION’s…


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