Comedy-Rap talent Devon Brent announces comedy special, and more. ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Comedy-Rap talent Devon Brent announces comedy special, and more. ~ Prodigy Press Wire



The combined launch begins with a Comedy Special, released for free on YouTube. The video showcases unique freestyle and comedy content with an irreverent touch. It pushes boundaries, like the original comedy greats. A total of 75 singles with lyric videos are also pending release. The material is improvised and mastered by Brandon Lackey of Label Necklace and produced by Lizzardbrain. Eddie Ambition produced this 13-song debut album.


This rollout represents years of artistic dedication, not without unusual physical and mental health challenges. Medical complications caused by a genetic condition have forced Devon to spend much of the last decade in his studio room. He could not walk without intense pain, requiring extra caution and support. Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a disconnective collagen tissue disorder, affects the healing ability of his ligaments. Compounded by heart difficulties, both knees are useless after five unsuccessful surgeries. Instead, they stretch and then some. Daily dislocations of the shoulders and knees limit mobility and have forced him to immerse himself in a world of self-expression and art.

 His perspective and linguistic gifts allow him to challenge the everyday use of the English language artfully. Having read much of the dictionary, he relishes wordplay. Whether it’s a triple entendre that he articulates on the spot or punchlines infused with his comedic influence, his music and comedy are compelling and edgy. Watch Devon’s comedy Special, self-produced, and be prepared for originality and gutsy performance. Devon challenges everything in life, including himself, and relishes the philosophical sparring. He once collapsed in a hospital ER from exhaustion while making content on the spot. His mind never stops asking questions and churning new content. He sees and hears connections missed by most.

  Devon lived with chronic physical pains from the EDS and surgeries. He has reached a point of redirection…


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