Coolpo launched video advertisement in Tokyo subway station

Coolpo launched video advertisement in Tokyo subway station


Coolpo, a leader in consumer electronics and IT, is proud to announce the launch of its video advertising in a busy Tokyo subway station. The video promotes Coolpo’s flagship product, PANA, an all-in-one video conferencing device. The video played in a promotional slot in one of Japan’s busiest subway stations, attracting many passersby who stopped to watch. The video showed a close-up of PANA’s classic design and ended with the slogan “Reliable. Innovation. Touch.”

Coolpo, an innovative company that manufactures the world’s first gesture-controlled meeting camera for group hybrid meetings in its new product, the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, today launched its video advertisement in one of Japan’s busiest subway stations. The promotional video was played on a series of screens at the top of the station, attracting many passers-by. Coolpo recently exhibited its latest innovations at this year’s Infocomm in Las Vegas and is excited to demonstrate its latest product in Tokyo.

Coolpo has long strived to showcase its strengths to consumers. In addition, the Japanese market is an integral part of Coolpo’s efforts to conquer overseas markets. Creating a subway station promotional video is an important step for Coolpo to increase brand awareness and influence. In 2021, Coolpo was already making such attempts: from San Francisco to Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, Japan. Coolpo’s branding journey never stops. And this subway train at Tokyo Station is not only a continuation of the past, but also the start of more campaigns!

About Coolpo:

Coolpo’s flagship product, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, is an all-in-one video conferencing device with innovative features such as a 360-degree camera and speakers, 4 smart microphones, and Meeting Flex technology that stitches images into a panoramic recording of group rooms. The plug and play feature allows users to…

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