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Corona News Thursday: The most important developments of Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19

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Free beer, money, free baseball tickets: Biden announces further incentives CoronaVaccination

05:05 AM: The US government is working with companies to step up efforts to achieve the president’s next corona vaccination goal Joe Biden achieve.Biden announced a “National Month of Action” to ensure that 70% of adults are before Independence Day on July 4 United States At least received the first vaccination against the virus. This currently applies to approximately 63% of adults.

Biden has now announced further incentives and measures to make vaccination easier. One option:

  • Parents can get free childcare services from several major providers before July 4, while they are being vaccinated or recovering from side effects.

  • In order to attract more African Americans to be vaccinated, hair salons and beauty salons run by black people should provide special vaccination services.

  • vice-president Kamala Harris And other senior members of the government plan to go to various parts of the country to promote vaccination.

  • Biden says Major League Baseball Free tickets will be provided to fans vaccinated in the stadium.On the verge of a professional basketball league game NBA And professional hockey league Hockey League And the racing series Nazca There are vaccination discounts.

  • If Biden’s 70% vaccination target is reached on Independence Day, beverage company Anheuser-Busch hopes to provide beer to vaccinated people on July 4 under certain conditions. Biden said of the action: “Get vaccinated and drink beer.”

In Chile, there are only 146 beds in the intensive care unit

4.10 am: Despite being one of the most advanced vaccination programs in the world, Chile Due to the corona pandemic, the hospital has reached its limit. Chilean health system intensive care commissioner Luis Castillo said on the radio station that the intensive care unit in South America is 96.7% full. cooperative.

There are only 146 intensive care beds nationwide. Castillo said this is the highest occupancy rate in Chile’s history. Most intensive care patients are Covid-19 patients. Most of them have not been vaccinated yet.

With approximately 53% of the population, Chile has one of the highest proportions of fully vaccinated people in the world. Chile obtained vaccines from multiple manufacturers in the early stages. Vaccinations are carried out according to a very simple priority plan, without complicated appointments-including in health centers and football fields.

Lauterbach: The incidence rate will stabilize at 35

3.40 AM: SPD Health Expert Karlauterbach It is expected that the corona infection process will be easier in the future. “The seven-day incidence rate will stabilize at around 35 in the next few days,” Lauterbach told the newspaper of the Funke Media Group. The step of opening up led to more infections, but at the same time, more and more people were protected by the vaccine. “In addition, a lot of things are happening outside now-this also reduces the risk of infection.”

However, a new wave of infections may be threatened by the end of summer. “In the next few months, this Indian variant is likely to spread to many European countries. Summer tourism can quickly spread them to the entire African continent,” Lauterbach said.By returning to the traveler, the mutant will also be Germany Spread over large areas. The extent is unclear.

nightclub Spain If the infection rate is low, allow reopening

3:10 am: “We are gradually returning to normal,” said Carolina Darias, the Spanish Minister of Health, and said that certain nightclubs will be allowed to reopen soon. This rule applies to areas where there are fewer than 50 new infections per 100,000 residents within 14 days. The nightclub is only allowed to be open until 3:00 in the morning. It is not clear whether the capacity limit applies to the club.

In August 2020, in view of the rapid increase in the number of corona cases, the government ordered the closure of all nightclubs nationwide. Since the end of the national emergency in early May, local governments have adopted different regulations on nightlife. In order to regulate the opening procedures, Darias held consultations with the health ministers of various regions on Wednesday.

So far, only those Balearic IslandsIn the coastal areas of Valencia and the Ceuta enclave, the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants is less than 50.

Ms quack Postpone the tour again

2.30 in the morning: Celebrity Lady Gaga Due to the corona pandemic, the planned “Chromatica Ball Tour” has been postponed again.Concert tour Europe with North America It should be held in the summer of 2022, just like the 35-year-old »Billboard.com« The ticket holder will be notified by email on Wednesday. According to her speaking team, the singer wrote that some regions have opened their economies, but the rest of the world is not ready yet.

The tour was originally planned to be held in 2020, but it was postponed in June last year to the summer of 2021. On July 24, Lady Gaga wants to go Paris begin.Appeared in London, Toronto with Chicago plan. The new date for 2022 has not yet been determined. The singer released her sixth album “Chromatica” during the corona pandemic in May 2020.

RKI: alpha variants still dominate-deltas are still very few

1:10 AM: According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, the corona variant Delta (B.1.617.2), which was classified as worrying a few weeks ago, continues to play a minor role in Germany. The sample share they inspected during the week of May 17-23 was 2.1%. This comes from the RKI report on Wednesday night. In the first few weeks, this proportion increased slightly, but steadily rose to 2.4%.

The first one at under these circumstances According to RK​​I data, the mutants found have the second largest share in Germany, but there is a huge lag: Alpha (B.1.1.7) reaches about 93%.This is Great Britain Since the end of 2020, the discovered mutations have been widely spread internationally.

Recent worrying variants of corona Named after Greek letters. Neutral names are intended to prevent them from being named after the country of discovery. “This is stigmatizing and discriminatory,” the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Monday evening.

Research: Urban Crime blockade Global decrease

00.50 am: Research teams led by scientists from the University of Cambridge and Utrecht have been working in 27 cities around the world-including Barcelona, Chicago, Sao paulo And Tel Aviv-studied the development of the number of crimes before and during the COVID-19 restriction.The first result has now been obtained Publish online.

As a result, due to corona restrictions, crime rates in cities around the world have declined. “After bars or pubs, no drunks are scattered on the street. Manuel Eisner, a violence researcher at the University of Cambridge, said in a statement that there is no time for shops, cafes, racetracks Or spend it during a football match. “Some cities even impose a curfew. Opportunities to encourage urban crime have been stifled. “

The number of daily attacks in all cities dropped by an average of 35%, and pickpockets even dropped by nearly half. In murder cases, the decline was small, with an average of 14%. “In many societies, a large proportion of murders occur at home. Therefore, the city’s restrictions on movement have little effect on family murders,” said Amy Nivet, a researcher at Utrecht University.

As a German city Hanover And review. The crime rate there has fallen slightly below the international average.

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