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Corona School Year: GEW gives five points for education policy

Inaction in the crisis, no future strategy school: The Education and Science Alliance (GEW) gave education policy Only five points in the corona crisis. The entire school year was “bad”, GEW boss Maike Finnern said, the German Editor Network (RND).

At the beginning of the crisis, the school fell into a new situation. At that time, the teachers did not find any prerequisites for distance teaching. Teachers will have to work hard for occupational health and safety. Nothing happened. “A lot of time has been missed to really prepare for the school for the new school year.”

The Minister of Education naturally has a different view.North Rhine-Westphalia School Minister Yvonne Gebauer stated that in any case, North Rhine-Westphalia is in a good position during the period after the summer vacation. The Rhine Post. The course will be conducted in a “comprehensive” manner.

Despite requests from teachers and parent representatives, Gebauer rejected a new plan to purchase air filters for classrooms. The Liberal Democratic Party politician believes that there is already a federal and state plan, and the available funds have not yet been fully deployed.

Schools and experts have repeatedly complained that the funding requirements for filtration equipment are too narrow, so that in many cases Can’t call at allThe federal plan sounds very tempting. Udo Beckmann, chairman of the Der Spiegel Education and Correctional Association (VBE), said: “You can pay up to 80% of the cost. But the remaining 20% ​​is in some cases to the head of the school. Said to be an insurmountable obstacle, especially for the debt-laden municipal government.”

Few thousands of euros can be used flexibly in the ongoing municipal budget. Beckman said: “Either other places will cut spending, or the project has to be postponed until next year, but the funding period for the federal program will end.”

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