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Coronavirus: The federal government provides US$200 million in air purifier support to states

this Federal government 200 million euros to support federal states in purchasing mobile air purifiers for schools and daycare centers.As Ministry of Economic Affairs Announced that the federal and state governments have reached an agreement on corresponding administrative agreements. In principle, the cabinet has already decided on assistance in mid-July.

Facilities that have children under the age of 12, who currently do not have a vaccine against the coronavirus, should benefit in particular. It said that the best infection protection should be achieved in childcare and classes.

According to the Königstein key, the 200 million euros will be shared among countries; each country must bear half of the system cost. These funds are applied for through the federal states.

Face-to-face teaching should be maintained

»Our goal is this autumn and winter Keep face-to-face teaching“The Minister of Economy said Peter Altmeier (CDU). Brandenburg Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Education Britta Ernst (Social Democratic Party), welcome the support of the federal government.

Mobile air purifiers can help schools and daycare centers use poorly ventilated rooms. They are only being purchased now, about a year and a half after the corona pandemic started, Cause criticism. It should not be until winter to really equip schools with filters.

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