NEW YORK, NY, May 4, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Advisor, the text-based mental health support platform, announced today that it is partnering with Happy Jack Records to offer musicians, band members and staff unlimited text-based support. The partnership, which will be announced May 4 at a Happy Jack Records launch event at the Ascent Lounge in New York City, will allow the nonprofit label’s artists to engage in live, on-demand chat sessions with licensed mental health professionals at any time access health, anywhere.

“So many artists lead stressful, anxious lives whether their fans realize it or not. We want to support talented artists where we can and give them access to appropriate mental health resources like Counslr,” said David Nathan, co-founder of Happy Jack Records.

The launch party at the Ascent Lounge includes special performances from The Arti$t, King Kanja, Casey McQuillen, SNF.JT and American Idol winner Nick Fradiani. DJ set by ZeeMuffin. Specifically, SNF.JT, a rapper/music artist from Gary, Indiana, will share his personal story and mental health experience as he turned to music to stay focused and grounded after being homeless and living outside of his car. Diagnosed as bi-polar, he decided to turn an obstacle into an opportunity for himself and others. His new project Too Hard will be released on all streaming platforms on Friday May 5th.

“We want to redefine mental health by making it cool to talk about and supporting the next generation of artists,” said Sam Koch, co-founder of Happy Jack Records.

Happy Jack Records’ core beliefs align with Counslr’s mission as the non-profit organization provides its artists with a team of mental health coaches and resources throughout their professional musical journey to optimize their overall well-being. Counslr seeks to support those in need of mental health who would not otherwise take care of it themselves, which is also a Happy Jack Records mission.

“We are excited,…


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