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COVID-19 financial relief has helped many people.This will not please Republicans

The Urban Research Institute estimates that if there is no pandemic relief program like the American Relief Program, the poverty rate will reach 12.6% by 2021, and with the aid implemented, the predicted level is 7.7%. Moreover, Politico reports, “Since the pandemic first broke out, the percentage of people in default has fallen by 2 percentage points. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. “

These successes are not reasons for relaxation-they are reasons to conclude that the safety net plan is effective and should continue. Take the expanded child tax credit as an example:

Reduced poverty children by 3 million moon. But the extended child tax credit ends at the end of the year. Once these families are over, they struggle again. Although food insecurity among the overall population did not increase during the pandemic, The number of families with children has indeed increased.

In the next few months, millions of families — many with children — may face evictions, and the distribution of rent assistance is too slow to help many of them. Recently, nearly a quarter of people told public opinion polls that they could not eat enough or could not get the food they wanted. The need is continuous.

But the Republicans said no.

The best way to get rid of poverty and improve living standards is not endless government inspections, but our job opportunities and increasing salaries,” said Kevin Brady, the top Republican on the fundraising committee and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas. Politico. “This provides unlimited opportunities for families, especially those trying to climb the economic ladder. “

First of all, when you oppose raising the minimum wage, go directly to discuss “increasing salary.” Second, the “best” way to escape poverty is likely to suddenly appear in a well-paid job with benefits. But we should be more worried about the actual way out of poverty. The way it happened to 3 million children in August.The road to food safety Ups and downs during the pandemic To deal with the outflow of relief.

And we know—it’s a fact—that childhood poverty has lifelong consequences, and that people with childhood poverty have worse health and education outcomes.Keep children out of poverty now It was later a way to realize Brady’s “best way”, that is, let today’s children do well in their lifetime. But, of course, even if this is not a financially frugal way, it is the right approach to ensure that fewer children are poor. (This is not an issue that Republicans often care about today.)

Republicans say they don’t like poverty. But considering the method of drastic reduction—expanded child tax credits, more generous unemployment assistance, higher supplementary nutrition assistance program benefits, subsidized childcare—they said no.Given other A set of methods to drastically reduce it-raising the minimum wage, universal health care-they also said no.

It’s time for Democrats to ignore what the Republicans said and only do the right things.

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