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Covid: CNN’s Maw, “No earlier than spring 2022”-North America

(ANSA News Agency)-Rome, August 24-Anthony Fauci, the chief medical consultant virologist of the Biden administration, said that the turning point in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be foreseen before the spring of 2022. To do this, it is necessary to convince skeptics and those who oppose vaccination. “If most of the approximately 90 million Americans who have not been vaccinated before next winter are vaccinated, then we will be well under control in the spring,” he said in a live interview with CNN. Fauci corrected a previous statement made in another interview. He predicted that the situation would only be brought under control after the “fall of 2022.” “I’m sorry, that sentence is incorrect,” he said on the spot.

Fauci also advises people who are infected and cured of Covid to vaccinate themselves: “This will provide them with tremendous protection,” said the virologist. (deal with).

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