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Covid: In the United States, the host of a vaccine-free radio show gets sick and dies-North America

(ANSA News Agency)-Rome, August 23-American conservative radio host Phil Valentine is famous for his opposition to the new coronavirus vaccine, so much so that he sang one of his songs (“Vaxman” , To the Beatles) laughed at the vaccination campaign, and died in July after contracting the disease. He is 61 years old. In recent days, according to his family, he has changed his position and said that he wants to participate in the vaccination campaign after he recovers.

According to US media reports, when Valentine was diagnosed with this disease, he wrote on Facebook: “I am doing my patriotic responsibility for herd immunity…

I am taking sick leave as a precautionary measure. “Earlier, in December, he wrote that if he gets sick, his chance of dying from the coronavirus is’less than 1%’.”

During the host’s illness, his brother Mark wrote on social media: “Phil wants his audience to know that although he has never been a true vaccine-free person, he is sorry that he has not supported vaccines more firmly. He just wanted to promote “them.” He will be back on the air. Now he understands that his refusal to be vaccinated may mean that many people have not been vaccinated. He is very sorry. ” (deal with).

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